On August 10, 2015, the Lord had quickened my spirit about the state of South Carolina and the city of Spartanburg. There was a word that was given to me...a vision that God had burned within my heart that would keep me up at night praying and seeking His face.

As I made contact with the District of South Carolina and found that Bethel Assembly of God was in need of a leader, God spoke to me and gave me the vision to Restore, Revive and Release! These three words gave me a glimpse of what God was going to begin to do at the epicenter of a supernatural earthquake. A shaking that would literally shake the foundations of the state of South Carolina. I believe that God is going to use Bethel Assembly of God as a conduit of His glory. I also believe that God is going to demonstrate His power in a way that this generation has not experienced!!! 

Pastor Dan Rosa